The York General Hospital Pharmacy is responsible for pharmacological therapies and accurate distribution of medications in the following areas of the organization:  Surgical Services, Emergency Department, Specialty Clinic, Oncology and Infusion Services, Dialysis, inpatient care, and for skilled care at the long-term care facility. The Pharmacy also prepares and dispenses medications to employees who are enrolled in the York General health insurance plan.

The Pharmacy utilizes a variety of technologies to ensure safe and accurate preparation and delivery of patients’ medications. Examples include:

  • Automated dispensing cabinets
  • Bar code scanning of medications for hospitalized patients
  • Mobile isolation chamber for preparing sterile intravenous solutions and oncology supplies
  • Utilization of Medmarx (national internet-accessible database used to track and trend adverse drug reactions & medication errors)
  • Lexi-Comp (Internet-based hospital-wide software designed for quick access to drug information, lab procedures, etc.)

The Pharmacy is staffed with three pharmacists and three pharmacy techs.