Because your time is valuable we want to ensure your admission to York General Hospital is comprehensive and prompt. Any information provided before your admission helps in the overall process. Many of these items we request you bring prior to admission are required by government agencies. Whether you will be an inpatient (staying overnight) or an outpatient (going home the same day as services are provided) you will need to complete the admission process and provide appropriate documentation.

Below is a list of required items for admission to the hospital:

  • Photo ID (e.g. drivers license)

  • Names of physicians (the name of the medical provider requesting services and your personal healthcare provider if different from the one requesting services)

  • Current insurance card(s)

  • Medicare and/or MedIcaid cards

  • Medicaid Share of Cost form, if applicable

  • Advance Directives (one or both of the following)

    • Power of Attorney for Health Care

    • Living Will

  • Guarantor (person responsible for payment of services) information

    • Date of birth

    • Social Security number

    • Employer (name, address, phone numbers)

    • Emergency contacts (name, address, phone numbers)

For more information contact the Business Office at 402-362-6671.