Why York General?

Mission Regional excellence through enhancing health and providing accessible care

Our Mission not only captures our purpose today but also allows for our purpose to go through a transition to one of “health” in addition to the traditional “care”.  We are here to lead the region by doing an excellent job of enhancing the health and providing care that is locally accessible.

Vision To be our region’s trusted choice for the improvement of health and delivery of quality care throughout life.

Our Vision statement contains all the necessary ingredients for us to move ahead as your trusted solution for health and quality care.  The Vision, or long-term organizational goal, will focus us on proper plans and actions (Strategic Objectives) focused on achieving this vision, York General will reach new heights of success and truly be the region’s leader.

Values The first letter in each of our Values spells out the two words “I CARE”, because individually and as a part of the York General team, each and every one of us truly do care.

I – Innovation

C – Compassion

A – Attentiveness

R – Respect

E – Excellence

More details are contained within the “York General’s Strategic Planning Summary Philosophical Explanation”.