Our Philosophical Explanation

Mission Statement
This statement portrays our reason for being; what we do each and every day; our purpose.  We, the Senior Leadership Team and I, feel that the following statement does just that.  It not only captures our purpose today, but also allows for our purpose to go through a transition to one of “health” in addition to the traditional “care”.  We are here to lead the region by doing an excellent job of enhancing the health and providing care that is locally accessible.  This statement is also short enough to be known widely by our Board, leaders, staff, medical staff, as well as the patients/residents and families that we serve.

Regional excellence through enhancing health and providing accessible care 


Vision Statement
This statement serves as the organizations overall long term goal.  We feel strongly that this statement should be aspirational and not “status quo”.  In order for an organization to achieve long term sustained success it must move ahead and do so in a focused and forward thinking manner.  Again, the Senior Leadership Team and I, feel that this statement contains all those necessary ingredients, and with proper plans and actions (Strategic Objectives) focused on achieving this vision, York General will reach new heights of success and truly be the region’s leader.

To be our region’s trusted choice for the improvement of health and delivery of quality care throughout life.


Overall, think of the Mission, Vision, and Values as “what we do”, “where we are going”, and “how we do”.  So the Values of an organization should embody how we do things or how we act.  Collectively how we behave or act through these Values shape the York General “culture”.  The culture is the “invisible architecture” of an organization or how it feels to others that interact with York General.  This is most often illustrated during our interactions with patients and residents as well as new members to our York General team. These interactions most often include descriptions like, friendly, caring team members, and an overall warm and inviting feeling.  These feelings are not by accident as they are a result of how we live our Values and behavioral standards.  Thus, it is very fitting that the first letter in each of our Values spells out the two words “I CARE”, because individually and as a part of the York General team, each and every one of us truly do care.

I – Innovation

C – Compassion

A – Attentiveness

R – Respect

E – Excellence


Innovation – By definition is the introduction of something new.  York General embodies this value by the acceptance of new ideas/things and our ability to change our ways of thinking in order to continually improve on an ongoing journey to excellence.  Innovation is enhanced by the empowerment of our staff and a dedication to leadership development.

Compassion – By definition is the sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.  To say that this better be a strong Value of our organization is an understatement.  We illustrate our passion for patient and resident care through our compassion.

Attentiveness – By definition is paying close attention; alert or observant; showing care for the needs or desires of others.  This value really feathers together with and strengthens our other Values as well as helps us to be observant of the environment around us.  In turn, this Value enables us to see opportunities to be innovative and flexible to the changing healthcare environment and needs of the patients, residents, and families we serve.

Respect – By definition is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.  This is very true, but as one of our Values it also means that we respect and value all of our co-workers, partners, patients, residents, and families.  We consider ourselves a York General family and know that our greatest success lies in our ability to work together as a team.  As the saying goes for teamwork…a player may be able to win a game, but a team can win every game.

Excellence – By definition is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.  Think of it further as being “difference makers” in the healthcare experience of the patients, residents, and families we serve.  Going above and beyond to not only meet but exceed their expectations time and time again.  When this is done we have the ability to create the very elusive and hard to maintain loyalty with those that serve in our region.  Excellence is not a destination but a constant journey of continual improvements.  Though we are not or will never be perfect, we can and should strive to be, as on that quest for perfection we can find excellence.


Behavioral Standards – Every employee at York General annually attests to a series of behavioral standards.  Each of these standards is in turn linked to or supports our overall Values of the organization.   Thus, all employees can know just how their achievement of these behavioral standards supports our overall organizational Values that in turn create our culture.  The Values as well as the linked behavioral standards are outlined below.  A further description/explanation of our behavioral standards is included in a separate document.

Attitude – Supports the Values of Innovation, Compassion, and Respect

Teamwork – Supports the Values of Innovation and Respect

Ownership – Supports the Values of Attentiveness and Respect

Integrity – Supports the Attentiveness and Respect

Appearance – Supports the Values of Attentiveness and Respect

Communication – Supports the Values of Innovation and Attentiveness

As you will notice the Value of Excellence did not show up in any of the Behavioral Standards.  That is because it is through the successful incorporation of each and every one of these standards that Excellence is supported and thus driven in an organization.

Strategic Objectives
Think of these Strategic Objectives as the higher level plans or road maps to collectively achieve our Vision while continuing to uphold our Mission.  These objectives are meant to be very broad yet provide a focus to guide organizational human and capital resources in a unified direction.

York General will be a Regional Leader in…

  • Care delivery through all stages of life
  • Improving the health of our communities
  • Operational strength


We hope that this philosophical explanation of York General’s Strategic Plan has been helpful.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me or any member of the Senior Leadership Team.


James P. Ulrich, Jr., MHA, FHFMA
Chief Executive Officer – York General
2222 North Lincoln Avenue, York, NE  68467