Hospital Standard Charges

At York General, we understand that you may need to determine how much a procedure or service will cost prior to receiving the service. If you need help determining how much a service or procedure at York General will cost, please contact Patient Accounts at (402) 362-0429.

A full list of standard charges used by the hospital is provided below. This list is updated annually and may not reflect the current price. York General retains the right to update prices without notice. If you have questions about the expected costs of a service at York General please contact us.

Actual costs may differ from estimates depending on actual services performed, length of time at the hospital and/or complications. The hospital estimates do not include costs charged by other medical professionals outside the hospital but who are involved in a patient’s care such as physicians and radiologists.

Patient’s responsibility may vary depending on the coverage benefits of their health insurance.

PDF icon York General Standard Charges (.xls format)

PDF icon York General Standard Charges (.pdf format)