Complete the Application Process

After completing the online employment application, you also need to complete the following 4 steps:


After Completing the Online Employment Application:

1) Sign the Behavior Standards statement.

Download the form here, then sign, print & return the form to us. See mailing instructions under #5 below.

2) Complete the Identifying Information for Consumer Reporting Agency Form.

Download the form here.

3) Complete the Voluntary Self Identification Forms.

Download the forms here.


4) Please read the Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to become familiar with your rights.

Download the document here.


5) Submit all of the above to Human Resources by mail, fax, email (scan), or deliver in person using the contact information below.

York General
Attn: Human Resources
2222 N. Lincoln Avenue
York, Nebraska 68467

Tel: (402) 362-0479
Fax: (402) 362-0485

If you are unable to submit your application through this website, please contact us.